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The description you use here seems inaccurate- the two coils are not in opposition to act as a braking force, but the shorted turns do, and act to prevent driver damage. With the actual voice coils, one is pushing, one is pulling, working together, not opposed. It's entirely possible I'm misinterpreting your meaning so apologies if so.

I'm a driver geek but I'd entrust you with JBL bits for service 100x out of 100 compared to my own hamfisting.
My mind tells me that this topology is analogous to a see-saw action in respect to the sinewave. Push-Pull with regard to pushing the cone outward with one coil while the other coil reverses the motion to pull inward as the sinewave swings from positive to negative. The two gaps act to repel the force of the other coil which would result in a "braking effect".

BTW...thanks for the compliment