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Thread: 1500al enclosure displacement?

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    Question 1500al enclosure displacement?

    Hallo, this is my first post in this forum.
    I‘m a JBL-fan since my first LX166 speakers. Last year I build my 4430 clone and now it‘s time for more...
    I build s9900-like cabinets for my 1500al woofers with internal volume of 122,5 liters. Can anybody tell me the displacement volume of the 1500al speaker in the cabinet, because I haven‘t found it in the „specs.“?
    I hope someone can help.
    Best regards

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    Drop one in a bucket of water to measure the displacement? Sorry... I had a High School Physics flashback.

    I'm not sure that figure is available, but as you know it is not a small woofer. If you have the displacement figure for a more typical 15" woofer, I'd add 20-30% to it.


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    Ok, to drop one in a bucket was my first thought too, but I hoped someone did it before....
    You are right. When I think about it, it doesn‘t matter if the volume is 7 or 8 liters.
    Thank you anyway.

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    Hi Menk,

    Mr. Widget being a clever fellow he isn't far from it. Regular JBL 15" woofers occupy 6 L. according to JBL. So this one qualified as "not a small woofer" by Widget could go in the 7-7.5 L. range I would say. 7.5 L. would mean 25% more than a regular 15". I did post here in the past a thread called "Conversion constants and useful data" for guys like you and me that keep searching for such data and many other... I think its worth looking for it. Regards,


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