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Thread: New house or .......

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    New house or .......

    My drywall vibrates. From the L65s !!!

    Do I build a new house or just add more drywall screws and patch and paint?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Donald
    My drywall vibrates. From the L65s !!!

    Do I build a new house or just add more drywall screws and patch and paint?
    Build a new house! And instead of plywood, use 13 ply void free baltic birch!

    Not only solid, but will build a better sounding house, too!


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    My first house was a "tract house", and the builder skimped where he could in both time and material. When I banged on the walls, I could hear the sheetrock slap against the studs. I just took a bunch of sheetrock nails and nailed everything down tightly. After putty and paint, it was much better. Also note that there are different thicknesses of sheetrock (I canít remember exactly whatís available, but I think 1/2 & 5/8 are common). You may consider a second layer like some builders use in high traffic areas like hallways. Be aware, however that this will stiffen the walls and decrease their diaphragmatic absorption properties, and your bass frequencies will increase. This may or may not be a good thing.

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    I feel your pain

    In my bedroom, my little JBL E250P subwoofer (well, it is capable of ripping that room apart) is able to vibrate the doors, stuff inside walls, etc. Not much I can do except ignore it.

    However, downstairs where my Klipsch Chorus II's are, there is no vibrations or anything, so that is good.

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    Can you hear it or are you concerned that it may be channeling too much bass? I would echo Stevemís comments about low frequency absorption perhaps being a good thing. Further anchoring the sheet rock/drywall will not help unless, as also mentioned, the installation was slack to begin with or the drywall is audibly resonating in loose areas. An overly-solid room can work against you in terms of standing waves and/or too much bass emphasis in general.


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    Screw it 'til it's tight, then take care of any resultant problems with room treatments.


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