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Thread: Proud owner of Flamencos 848As

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    Proud owner of Flamencos 848As

    I just scored a very nice pair of Flamencos that I want to restore. The drivers are in great shape. I'd like to build a new crossover with modern components. I see the xover is the 800F and I see a few old posts about improvements which can be made. Can someone enlighten me on what they have learned and/or point me in the right direction as it relates to the crossover rebuild please? I'm a long time builder so reading schematics and building is a cup of tea for me! And I did find the original 800F schemo searching some old posts.

    The cabinets and grills are in good shape but the grill cloth is gone. That can wait for later however.


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    Jimmy and I have already corresponded, but it sure would be nice to get input from our resident Altec gurus. We need Elitopus, 427, Earl, and others to chip in.

    Seem to be getting the same questions over and over here concerning upgrading/rebuilding the crossover on our beloved Altec projects. It would be great to compose a sticky that outlines the various directions we can go in the process. The person to do that is not me, as I'm not nearly technically proficient enough to undertake that process. But there are certainly a few names that pop to mind. And you know who you are!!!!!!!!

    Anyway, it's fantastic to see such a rapidly-increasing interest in Altec products. The tribe seems to be increasing. This should be good for Great Plains Audio, I hope. The drawback is that ebay prices for Altec product have soared to obscene levels.


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    I understand the lack of response.... besides it's Christmas! It happens when you come late to the party. I've skimmed through lots of old posts on this topic but could not find a finished schemo for the Z19 modded for both 16 ohm drivers. If anyone has this, it would be greatly appreciated. GPA does not support a 16 ohm design for his M19 product. And I'm not interested in replacing the vintage drivers since they seem to be in great shape which is remarkable for a 46 year old speaker.

    My everyday speaker is a 4 way horn with GPA 515, JBL 2441, Fostex, and a 12" Eminence Definimax in a tapped horn. The old Altecs can't unseat these big babies but it is amazing how much better the Flamencos sound than all so called hi fi stuff I've heard. One cool thing is I have the original sales receipt for the ones I have which was about $348 for the pair in 1971! Way cool.


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