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Thread: New project around the LE14A woofers

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    Those models seems too big for the size of the cab
    Im thinking a cab smaller as the Jubal or Lancer
    Can I use the LE5-2 or LE5-5?
    whats the difference among the LE5-x series?

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    Thanks, are they electrically (ST parameters) compatible?

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    I'm curious how your project is going. I have a pair of S99's (LE14A + LE20) that will be a 3-way system soon. The S99 cabinets are relatively small but are a great match for the LE14A.

    Quote Originally Posted by tweeter View Post
    Hi, Ive got a nice pair of LE14A woofers so Im thinking to spend some time in a new project by using them

    I would like to replicate a real speaker model that fitted them so no waste time because the crossover is already designed

    What speaker models fitted them and what mid/tweeter would match better? I know the Lancer series but any with three ways?

    Kind Regards

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