Hi all! I'm new here and to horn speakers, but am enamored with the sound and ability to control where the sound goes to an extent. As it happens, I fell into a set of 60x40 Progressive Transition MF&HF horns to tinker with and kinda failed on my first attempt in the MF section. I used an Eminence Delta Pro 8A after doing a ton of research for a good mid horn candidate. It had great midbass on the horn, but high frequency roll off was sharp at about 1500Hz and my HF driver needed to be crossed over at about 1800Hz...a TON of EQ was used and I really felt like maybe that driver wasn't best suited. As luck has it, I found an old set of CS3115's DIRT cheap that came with a spare set of M209's and cans. The 3115's sound great, but I feel like maybe the PT waveguides may be a better solution.
So what am I asking here? Has anyone tried this combo? If so what was your experience? Does anyone have a FR chart for the M209-8A? I feel like if the M-209 has a rising response, higher freqs will be attainable.
Thanks in advance for any and all advice.