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Thread: Questions about the Ashly XR1001 Active Crossover

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    Questions about the Ashly XR1001 Active Crossover

    Hi. I recently installed an Ashly XR1001 as the crossover portion of my bi-amp set-up running a pair of 4345's. I'm crossing these over at 300hz (as close as I can tell anyway since the Ashly's crossover knob doesn't have a hash mark at the 300 point). I have a couple of questions that I'd like to throw out to those using the Ashly XR1001 with 4343 or 4345 monitors:

    1) What's settings do you prefer? mine are set at:
    Output Level, low: 5 (Unity)
    Output Level, high: 6
    Response: 4
    Crossover freq: 300
    Input level: 5 (Unity)

    2) I thought I remember reading that the Ashly has a 24db/octave crossover slopes. If phase is changed when using a 24db/octave crossover, do I need to change the reverse my speaker leads so that the red speaker wires now goes to the black speaker terminals on the back of the 4343? Or am I reading too much into phase debate?

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    It doesn't matter.

    24 dB is four poles, and throws everything 360 degrees out of phase, i.e., back IN phase.

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