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Thread: choice of 2226h or 2216nd in a two-way?

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    choice of 2226h or 2216nd in a two-way?

    Due to downsizing my house, I need a smaller system. Tentatively I am in the middle of design (I am also a DIYer), it looks like a two-way system crossed between 700-900Hz.

    The top section will be a Klipsch modified tractrix horn (90 x 60 deg controlled dispersion) with a JBL 2446 driver. I have used this combination in the past. Although it is not not perfect, for the size and cost it does many things surprisingly well.

    My difficulty is the bass bin. In the past I used horn-loaded bins, but size is now a consideration. A real consideration!
    Initially, I thought of a 5 cu ft vented cabinet with a single JBL 2226h woofer. The venting would bring the half power point down to about 38-42 Hz. This is adequate bass extension for my needs (two-channel music only). The efficiency of the 2226h (97 dB) is great. I like small amps (eg. First Watt) and I have always felt that with high-efficiency came low non-linearities. I like the clarity! So what is the problem .....

    However, in my research I came across the 2216nd woofer used in the M2 and the S4700. Note, this is not the 2216nd-2 used else where.
    It looks like a 2216nd in a vented cabinet would be about the same size as needed for the 2226h and still have the same bass extension. The efficiency on the 2216nd is not quite as good (I think), but the distortion and power compression appear lower (it is hard to read the graphs for my old eyes). Finally, a new 2226h and 2216nd are within about 25% on the price.

    Is there any reason to prefer the 2226h over the 2216nd? Am I missing something?

    Thanks for your collective wisdom.

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    I have both woofers and for what you are doing, for me the choice is absolutely clear. 2216. No contest at all.

    The slight hit in midrange efficiency is more than made up for in literally every other facet of performance

    If we knew what the hell we were doing, we wouldn't call it research would we.

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    Thanks for your input. The 2216nd's did end up being my choice and I ordered them a few days ago. They arrived today and these woofers are amazingly light. I am used to 15 inch drivers that have some weight to them.

    Over the next couple of months I will be working up some designs using WINISD and perhaps some of the cosmetics/features of the M2 and S-4700. Currently my attention is on whether I should use a curved baffle below the woofer. It is a small complication but it does constrain how the speaker grills are fabricated and also on issues on what kinds of materials I might use in the cabinet construction. I will probably end up with a mock version that I can make measurements on baffle A vs baffle B. First things first .....

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