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    I have a opportunity to purchase a re-conditioned set of WX-4505 with new veneer, glass tops, new grills and grill clothe and custom oak stands. He even re-veneered the bottom of the speakers. I personally know the seller so no issues there, although I haven't seen the speakers just yet. He states the components as LF-2216's and HF-2420's which look in the pictures to be original as is the surrounds look to be also...very close to my L-200's. My question is, as I can only pull up very little online information on these speakers, just how rare are they? Are the components stated the originals? The asking price is $1500 which I think is very good but is it? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    That is a pair of very early 43XX series studio monitors. (Before the 43XX numbering system.) They are similar to the 4331 speakers and as you point out also similar to the first generation L200. $1500 seems steep to me, but speakers are worth what the market is willing to pay.


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