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Thread: JBL CM 42, and possible CM 42 copy?

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    JBL CM 42, and possible CM 42 copy?

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    Hi guys, I own a pair of JBL CM42 speakers and 2 pairs of CM 62. the photos above.

    And then i found these Jbl speakers up for sale on facebook , It looks similar to the original cm42 but with a few differences and Im skeptical if they are genuine
    The Logo seems more bright
    The grill has bigger holes
    The front panel has screw holes to open the enclosure
    there is no metal back plate for the mount
    the input terminals are different
    and the sticker is way off also labeling it as "Control 1's.
    Does anyone have info about these if they are legit or a different variation of production.
    the photos below
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