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Thread: TAD driver ordering

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    TAD driver ordering

    I am still in the phase of looking for a suitable driver and besides JBL I see TAD but I wonder where normal private amateurs can order these (in Europe)


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    Try at Hornstudio
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    This is a good address. I ordered recone kits there. If this is in stock you'll get it quickly. Prices are including VAT. You can email and you'll get an answer in a short delay.

    TAD drivers are very expensive and you can be tempted to search in the second hand market. In this case be carefull about the good shape/state of the driver. Some have been used in PA and recone kits are expensive.

    TAD woofers allow you to limit your design to two or three ways. They can be used up to 650Hz (TAD USED TL-1603 up to 800Hz with a sixth order lp crossover). If you want to clone TAD Exclusive 2402 speakers you can send me a pm I can share info about. 1601a/b and 1603 drivers are not going as low as JBL 2235H but are more efficient and can go higher.

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