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Thread: digital audio from vintage component

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    digital audio from vintage component

    hello thanks.

    can anyone offer advice how to receive digital audio
    out from a handheld idevice, to a vintage analogue
    component preamplifier...

    i understand a DAC will create a limited rendering but it would
    still be analogue in nature, just enhanced, price dependent on quality.

    without the use of a digital cable from the source to the amplifier
    how does one receive lossless audio.

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    Try out a Google Chromecast Audio and cast from any device into your receiver; analogue or digital.

    They can be had for about $20.

    Good luck,

    DIY Array, 2242 sub, 4408, 4208, Control 8SR, E120 Guitar cab, Control 1, LSR305.

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    Google Chromecast Audio can still be found from various outlets but they have been officially discontinued. I got one at the last minute as I understand they can be integrated into Google home quite nicely.

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