Newbie here. Joined to see if I can find out more about these and if they're a worthy acquisition.

As the subject says I saw these collecting dust in a store last weekend:

On another forum where I posted, they have been identified as C40 cabinets. One of them has a single D130 driver and the other has the D130, 075 bullet tweeter, and N2600 crossover.

Here are my questions:

Are the cabinets original or home-made copies?

Any concerns with the mismatched components in each cabinet? I'm assuming I would have to find the missing tweeter and crossover on EBay or here to make a matched set, and the components seem to be available. Is there more to it than that?

The grills that come with the speakers are two-piece grills (I didn't get pics of them) but all the pics I've seen online of the C40 has a one piece grill. Any concerns about this? They do each have a JBL badge on them.

Anything else visible in the pictures I should be concerned about?

thanks in advance for your help!