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Thread: New journey with an old friend 1990 era JBL L5

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    New journey with an old friend 1990 era JBL L5

    Greetings all,

    New member and a old voyeur. I did not feel worthy until I was able to get my hands on a US built speaker. I picked up a lovely pair, the L5 for a 300.00. The drivers are perfect, and the cabinets are clean. I can’t tell you what it felt like when the Hafler fired up and bam.....the cat has left the room.

    i was shocked what a 8” driver can do. No sub required. At moderate to low volume, everything sounds so clean, bottomless etc. I was a young kid when I went to the Hi-Fi shop in Ogden UT and slobbered all over the T series, and fell to my knees in front of the TI series. I have never been able to dump a large sum into my hobbie, but I managed a few Hafler XL amps, Nakamichi receivers, NAD int. Amp and a smattering of speakers from JBL L20t, 4311b, KEF c80, Mission 70, Definitive Tech, old Infinity etc. I never had my dream speaker, the L100 T. I could not lay down the cash.

    33 years later, and I still hang on to my Hafler and Nakamichi gear. And some money stuffed guy sells these for cheap. After weeks of watching, I called and pitched an offer. He was shocked that they were still un-sold. Folks did not know what they are. They bypass these for Boston, or Klipsch towers that can’t come close to the sound these make.

    i am at peace with mankind. Let us give thanks....

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    The L5s are amazing for what they are. They are the only 4-way speaker that I have (though JBL seems to consider them a 3-way).

    I was also very impressed by what that 8" 708G-1 can do. Another thing is that while most vintage JBL 12" woofers tend to hit their xmax in a very loud and obvious way (POP!), the 708G-1 seems to do it in a much more "gentle" way. The bass will start to exhibit audible compression, and then the woofer will start to audibly flutter.

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    Hey there clwinbe.

    I used to live behind the Zion curtain in Ogden and got my JBL Jones at the HiFi Shop too. The original one with the scary history.

    Just wanted to say welcome to Lansing Heritage.

    If we knew what the hell we were doing, we wouldn't call it research would we.

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