I have been looking for information regarding a JBL lab made Subwoofer Slot Radiator. It was produced in 1973? By my Father Chuck Manley, Ed May, Tom Campbell and others to compete for the special engagement sound system of the movie Earthquake released in 1974.
I was a little 15 year old roadie rat for my father doing speaker testing 075-077 (I can hear ultra high frequencies) and speaker hook ups and swaps at concerts in the 70's.

My Father ended up with the only production model I knew of, about 10 years ago it fell from the garage attic to the concrete floor and broke apart. Without my knowledge he threw it in the trash except for the D-130 that he gave to me. He had another box in pieces (Cut wood and parts) that they built in the lab not the furniture factory. It was just basic 3/4" ash plywood to test with. I decided to put it together going by memory of the black walnut production version he had. I fabricated a plug from bondo that closely resembles the original to the best of my knowledge? I used the box in my living room until 1995 when it was deemed just too big for my wife and it went into storage. I decided I needed a sub woofer for my High end Karaoke company (Yes there is such a thing as high end Karaoke, Band practice etc) I cut holes for mounts and 1/4 phone jacks, put black carpet on it and industrial wheels and took it to my gigs.
One gig was a pool hall (Danny K's in Aniheim Ca) I was playing my music when a few guys came up and said "Hey are you sending very low frequencies to our pool tables? the balls are moving around. " I turned off the sub and it stopped. The Sub went back into storage until this year.
I decided I can't keep all the prototypes, reference speakers and other goodies that my father left me last year 2016 when he passed away. so I started listing them on Ebay where they are today including the sub slot radiator. I started it very high and have been dropping the price trying to get someone who would appreciate it and not just remove the driver and toss the one of a kind box.

I'd say I fabricated 30% of the box. I don't know the "official" frequency response of this unit but it was rumored to be able to produce some brown noise? I know the military looked at it in the classified area. They did all kinds of stuff with the ultra HF drivers.Name:  IMG_9583.JPG
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Is anyone interested? my ebay name is "majic-garnet" with a j not g.