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Thread: Choosing Reference Music- Jack Alexander

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    Choosing Reference Music- Jack Alexander

    I've been going through old magazines and found this article I'd saved from an August 2008 issue of Live Sound International. A lot of guys hated Jack Alexander's columns but I always got a kick out of them.

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    Where he says that "audiophiles are the worst" about only playing flattering stuff I just about universally agree with him. You can tell a alot about a persons musical taste when you see their system and can pretty much guess what they will demo with.

    The several "audio club" meetings I have had have been a lot of fun. I pretty much let anyone drive with what ever source material they brought. I found a lot of music I was unaware of through the guys. I like when people bring challenging material. Even if it shows where one of my systems needs work.

    On the flip side of that are the meetings elsewhere that you get told "were not going to play that!" That's educational too, and entertaining in it's own way, think laughable!

    I am always on the hunt for music I like that also sounds good and will check out his "reference" tracks that I don't already own.

    Thanks for sharing!

    If we knew what the hell we were doing, we wouldn't call it research would we.

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    Thanks for the link. I think it was an interesting read.

    I'm always looking for "truth-iness" myself. I agree with Mr. Alexander that there seem to be a lot of "alternative facts" in the audiophile realm.


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