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Thread: Relatively new forum member, EliFisk, has passed away.

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    Relatively new forum member, EliFisk, has passed away.

    Hello all...

    It is with great sadness that I found out our forum member, EliFisk, has passed away. He came to me on recommendation to rebuild a C50 system that led to another system, an Altec/Onken build/rebuild. He was a very kind and soft spoken gentleman, that loved vintage audio. He became a friend pretty quickly since we had so many commons interests...and born in the same year. Last November he told me during one of our phone conversations, he was fighting colon and liver cancer. I prayed hard for his recovery...It took him pretty quickly.

    Rest easy, Eli. It was my pleasure to know you.

    Here's a link to his obituary...I hate that word.

    Here was his first thread posting about the C50...
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    Please accept my condolences. Old or new, the passing of a friend is an event of great loss.

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    Sorry to hear, Ken. Sounds like he was doing what he enjoyed, in spite of his health. [insert salute here]

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    And he rescued Greyhounds. Obviously a good person. My condolences Ken.

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    Quote Originally Posted by edgewound View Post
    I prayed hard for his recovery..
    Very kind of you, sorry to hear about your loss of a friend.

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