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Thread: JBL 2397 color

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    JBL 2397 color

    Does anyone know if JBL offered the 2397 in black? I have an original pair no where near battleship grey, much closer to Luftwaffe grey. I'm restoring them and want to preserve some authenticity. I have other JBL 'grey' gear and all are different hues/shades. Honestly, I would not want them in their original grey suit in my living room. Black satin would generally mate well with decor.

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    I don't know the specific shade of utility gray that was used for JBL speakers, baffles, and horns in industrial or commercial settings, and likely you're seeing the effects of aging with all the various hues you have in photos or in person.

    If you want satin black for your home, sand, prep, and paint to your hearts contentment, the horns are yours and you can do with them as you please. It would be a simple matter to repaint for resale should you decide to sell them. Just be sure to either mask off or remove and replace the model number foilcal as that is an important part of the 2397 mystique.
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