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Thread: Short Videos of my reconing process.

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    Short Videos of my reconing process.

    Hey all,

    I decided to upload some videos of my reconing process to YouTube. There are seven short videos that show the process from beginning to end. The last installment is in tribute to the late Terry Duran. She was the epitome of JBL quality and craftsmanship...who trained me at the factory to be JBL Authorized Service, in 1988, which no longer am I on the Service Agency list. I can't get anyone to give me any answers as to why. My parts account was closed a couple of years ago, so for now, its all reproduction kits....done the factory way as close as possible.

    This particular installment shows why it's pretty important to do a complete cleaning and tear-down of the AlNiCo motor assembly...because it's far easier than the ferrite motors unless the magnet has cleanly separated from the top plate with no breakage. The rest of the series is also om my channel. I'm some sort of celebrity that I have "my channel". Andy Warhol was on to something, for sure....

    Anyway...I hope you find these vignettes useful.

    Thanks to everyone here with whom I've done business, for the great referrals, and/or made friends. Long live the Legacy of James Bullough Lansing.
    Edgewound...JBL Pro Authorized...since 1988
    Upland Loudspeaker Service, Upland, CA

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    Thanks Ken,

    Nice tribute, and always nice to see what goes into a quality rebuild.

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    Nice videos, thanks for sharing.

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    Thumbs up Congratulations.

    You are now official an Internet Star! Good job, and thanks for sharing.

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    Thanks for sharing Ken. Good to know a reliable video is available.

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