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Thread: My visit to Greg Timbers home - invited by Greg Burns of Home Audio Sound

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    Thanks so much for the story about a listening time with Greg
    (and the JBL coffee club story as well!) Very cool stuff!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Titanium Dome View Post
    The listening experience in Greg's living room is unparalleled due in no small part to the mastery of the man who installed the system and calibrated it. There's a thread over on AVS where a few know-it-alls have taken exception to Greg's designs, opinions, and even his home listening environment, all without ever meeting him or sitting on the couch in his living room to listen.
    Quote Originally Posted by grumpy View Post
    Some of the best sound reproduction I've ever heard in that "imperfect" room.
    Yeah, the presentation in that living room is a perfect example of someone who seriously knows what they are doing.

    It must really suck to be a company like Harman and dump hundreds of thousands of dollars into "SOTA" sound rooms only to have them end up sounding several bars below the living room of one of their all time greatest engineers...

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    Great thread! I would love to have been I that coffee club.

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    Great,you lucky guys,thanks for sharing!
    46 lover

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    Quote Originally Posted by audiomagnate View Post
    I'll turn my filter on and leave that one alone . Greg and Terry are THE best. Period.
    Indeed they are. We try to work in a visit with them every time we go to Colorado and succeed about half the time. Always regret it when we don't make it.

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