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Thread: Charged Couple Crossover question

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    Charged Couple Crossover question

    Looking at the schematic for the cc crossover. The 9 volt + requires a 3 Meg ohm resistor on each leg before the caps. Is this correct? Also the - battery connects to the - circuit leg . Is this correct? Also it looks like the polarity switches from the input and the output. Positive in and negitive out. Is this correct? My eye sight is not what it used to be. Plus limited electonic skills although I have built a few crossovers.

    Thanks Rick

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    The plus side of the battery goes to the resistor the negative goes to ground. It looks like a T with caps on top resistor is the leg. Look at the UHF schematic

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    Cc crossover

    Thanks very much. I think I see now on the battery. What about the positive input and the negative output? Or am I looking at it wrong. If I trace the positive input through the drawing it goes to the negative on the three legs. Reverse polarity? Are am I looking at it wrong? The drawing is small and my eye sight is poor.


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