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Thread: JBL Publication SC512 - Effective Sept 15, 1962

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    Alan Fletcher

    JBL Publication SC512 - Effective Sept 15, 1962

    Hi All. This is my first post here although I've been reading on the site for what seems like ages.

    I have come across an old JBL catalog and I was wondering if it could be of use for the library. As the topic says, it is publication number SC512, effective Sept 15, 1962 (from the 3249 Casitas Ave Days). I did not see this one in the library. I can scan it, but I need to know where to send the scans.

    Thanks for the great site,

    Alan Fletcher
    Chief Engineer
    Moon Rocks Entertainment, LLC.

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    I'm always interested in adding scans to our archive. However, to be honest, I'm not sure it would go up on the web unless it was significantly different than SC511 from seven months previous that is already there. Let me know if you still want to pursue scanning and I'll give you directions.

    Don McRitchie

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    Alan Fletcher



    It's not really that different, as you surmised. I'd had a few the night I compared them, if there was any really dramatic difference, I don't recall it. I just thought it would help make the collection complete. Would JBL have printed another with no differences? I guess I'll go compare them again and find out.

    I've got a feeling there are alot more where this one came from, I'll just have to do some asking. The gentleman I got this one from is now 90 years old, almost completely deaf, and now totally blind (he's my friend's dad, and he likes me!)

    In his large living room is a mint condition Paragon that I've had my ears and eyes on since I was a kid. It's been through a few driver and xover upgrades since it was bought new in '57. I believe the old xovers and bass drivers are still around the house, somewhere.


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    Alan Fletcher
    Well, here are the differences (mostly layout changes):

    -LE8 now listed as LE8T (p. 9)

    -Different layout for construction drawing prices, now itemized by product and price. (p. 18)

    -No Minigon/Metregon comparison photos. Now listed separately.

    -C48 Dale not listed

    -C53 not listed

    -C55 and C43 15" horn enclosures listed in different layout (side by side). (p.29)

    Not a whole lot of difference...


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