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    Took a look around what you guys have here for a forum and impressed. I just wanted to say hello. found it interesting too that the site administrator is outta Winterpeg, as I lived there myself year ago.

    I got into sound audio equipment and bought and sold a variety of systems over the years.

    I started out with a small system, progressed up to the old Yamaha NS 500, sold them and bought a set of L 150, sold them, the next set, were the Klipschorn, bought at Advance on Portage ave in Wpg. The horns are still in the family, one of my brothers has them now.

    I bought a 5th wheel rv, and outfitted that with a massive sound system, nad, rotel, mission and polk. Even an old Phase Linear 400 amp. I bought way north of Wpg, many years ago to power the Horns. Sold the Phase Linear last year, maybe getting too old for all that power. lol. Took the sound system out of the Rv and gave most of that to my son.

    I am looking now to put a sound system in my truck repair facility, was looking up JBL speakers and generally what is available on the market, was surprised, that it is hard to find really decent speakers out there. Many of the manufacturers now cater to the lower end of the spectrum for audio gear. I went through the heritage site, was impressed with the info available, and did not realize the impact that JBL had over the years.

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    Hey, big rig - welcome...

    I'm guessing that shop is pretty sizeable, with real high ceilings and such. You'd want to fly some nice full range, or bi-amped mains, maybe some subs, too. Scotty Fitlin has a full-time and LARGE system for his bumpercar arena, that he raves about, but we still await pictures...

    You're gonna want some full service racks, with some proper EQ's and stacks of amps. If one system (i.e., large stereo) will work, you don't need distribution, nor delay.

    Assuming one large stereo, I'd look JBL's new SRX line , and fly some JBL of the 715's, 722's or even the 725's, and one of the 718S's on each side. I've not tried this line, but JBL's using the large diameter compression driver and overall configuration is akin to EV's QRx line, which I use for PA. The QRx line is excellent, and nearly identical comps to the JBL mentioned would be 115/75, 153/75 and 118s. These are very smooth, with great clarity. I'd run 'em with some QSC CX series amps - these are super sounding workhorses you'll never have to think about again...

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    Quote Originally Posted by boputnam
    Scotty Fitlin has a full-time and LARGE system for his bumpercar arena, that he raves about, but we still await pictures...
    Aww...I heard he's just got a Bose lifestyle system, but has read a lot of audio rags...


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