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Thread: How to build L-300 Grilles?

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    How to build L-300 Grilles?

    How to build L-300 Grilles?

    Hi Everyone,
    I'm trying to make reproduction L-300 grilles, that I can offer in all the different and available fabric colors.

    I need help figuring out how to build L-300 grilles. I made a deal with an LH member in exchange for an original pair of frames to use as a reference and help in the reverse engineering, that includes building out replacements.

    The grille measures 3 1/4 inches deep, almost 30 inches high and 23 inches wide. It's a large frame.

    Sourcing the materials is pretty straight forward.

    I specifically need help with the edges and corners. The frames are made with two levels, angled at 7 degrees over a 3 inch height, with rounded and angled corners. Tricky to say the least.

    I think the factory might have originally built the frames using 90 degree stock, and then when the frame was built out, one of the last steps was a process that would cut the top and sides at the angle and round the corners, using a router or shaping table.

    Or, after the frames were built, maybe a combination of table saw with at least a 12 inch blade for the top and side angles, and then a shaping or router table for the corners. The table would need to be angled or a template to angle the frame would have to be designed for the correct corner radius.

    I'm prepared to make templates for repeat ability and consistency to build dozens of frames. I can't get me head around the process and tools needed to get to the template design phase.

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts, ideas and comments.
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    You're right. The corners are tricky. I'll email you. These are the ones I made from scratch last year.

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