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Thread: Flippers and Worse

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    This forum was literally the first thing I discovered on the Interweb when I got access back in 08-09 and Googled B-460. Took me a long time to figure things out and I'm sure I annoyed more than a few members.

    The web is a good research tool, but I'm finding it's shortening my attention span for digging deep when asking a knowledgeable person/group a question can get you quick results.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lee in Montreal View Post
    .......What about asking for a mandatory presentation as first post?
    A couple forums I'm using have an introduction requirement. I assume this is what Lee is referring to. Your first post has to explain your interest in what the forum is about, and can't be items for sale.

    I don't have a problem with people looking for values here (though I generally don't have the knowledge), and I think there's been a few occasions where established members have purchased items put up for valuation. If items posted here have value to a member, all the better.

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    I applaud the members who make an effort to welcome newbies. All that information you've accumulated and take for granted may just be the hook (if shared) for a new visitor to become the next resident expert.

    IIRC my first question here was answered (by Zilch) with what seemed like genuine interest and assistance. I kept coming back.

    Some people won't come back, won't follow up with results, won't offer thanks to the respondent. Oh well. We may hope to snag one in ten but we keep trying.

    I'm still receiving great tips and suggestions here and am grateful for it. In return I like to reply to the more basic questions as accurately as possible in order to alleviate the resident experts from feeling the obligation.


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