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Thread: Crown 3600VZ Impedance Questions

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    Crown 3600VZ Impedance Questions


    I have one Crown 3600 VZ for my Home Theater and i loves it.

    But now, i want to increase my setup. Currently, it pushes 4x 400W Subwoofers w/o issues.

    My idea is to increase from 4 to 6 Subwoofers. That would be 2.400W.

    But, i'm afraid. The manual says:

    • Stereo mode with both channels driven:
    • 1800W into 2 ohms
    • 1565W into 4 ohms
    • 1120W into 8 ohms
    • Bridge-mono mode:
    • 3505W into 4 ohms
    • 3140W into 8 ohms.
    • Parallel-mono mode:
    • 3555W into 1 ohm
    • 3190W into 2 ohms
    • Load impedance: Rated for 16, 8, 4, and 2 ohm use only.

    My new setup will be 6 Ohm on a "Bridge-mono" mode.

    I want to know if you guys can recommend me running this ap not on 4 or 8 Ohms, but, 6 Ohms.


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    A 6 ohm load would be perfectly ok.


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    I would never run 6 cabs off one amp in bridged mono.

    My personal rule of thumb is one cab per amp channel. It sounds better, is more reliable and better headroom.

    If you must run six subs off the 3600, run 3 per channel in stereo.

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    As mentioned run three per channel with the amp in stereo.
    How many ohms are your subs rate at.

    The impedance rating / ohms of a speaker is is kind of an average number, the impedance / ohms
    with vary depending on the frequency, even the interacting of the speaker with the cabinet that it
    is in will have an effect on the impedance.

    So any impedance from two ohms and up will be fine

    3600vz's are solid sub woofer amps, I have two of in my sound system. Driving them hard they will
    require a sold power service and good cooling.

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