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Thread: Restoring BGW 750C

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    Restoring BGW 750C

    I bought a bunch of BGW 750C and 250C/D amplifiers cheap from a local PA hire. I know these amps from the time I was also owner of a rental company. We had a lot of them together with Crown DC300 and Phase Linear 400 and did the service in house. I wanted to use one of the 750C for the 2235 in my 4343 monitors.
    Disassembling is straight forward. After cleaning and repainting the heavy steel housing I restored the boards. I replaced the electrolytic and tantalum caps with Panasonic FC types, changed the old mica insulators of the output transistors, cleaned the output relay and the pots, changed the emitter resistors and put in new 27.000uF power supply caps. As the cooling fan was much too loud for home hifi I bought a 26dB Pabst fan which is very quiet.
    The amp is nearly like new and sounds great with the 2235, damping factor is greater than 230.

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