Hello everyone!

Now the major cabinet wood work is almost done. I am clueless again. Could anyone please help me with correctly installing the wood horns? I am not sure what the best is for adhering the horns to the front baffles. Should I use regular wood glue, or other things? Although I didn't really over cut the front baffles, there is still space between the horns and the baffles. Is plastic wood the best to fill the space?

Also, because the cabinets' framing and bracing strips are not perfectly aligned (I will write this fault down later), maybe I should do something before installing the removable back panels for better seal. I am thinking of applying plastic wood first, then weather sealing strips (http://www.homedepot.com/p/Frost-Kin...-17H/100171714). How do you like the idea of plastic wood and the weather sealing strip? I believe rubber strips should be better, but I don't know where to buy.