I just finish collecting (I hope) to build 4355 (4343) clone. I have 4 2235H, 2 2123h (instead 2202), , 2 2441, 2 2405 and Ashly xr4001 and I have some mcintosh amplifiers which I have collected them for awhile (275, 2600,2500, 7300 and 300). My plan is to use Ashley as active crossover for each components (ch 1 for 2 2235, ch2 for 2123, ch3 for 2441 and ch4 for 2405).
My question is anything else I need?
All my connections are right?
what is the best way to do?
anything? connection? component? frequency setup of Ashly?
passive crossover with 1 or 2 amp vs active crossover with 4 amp?
if passsive crossover way is better where can i buy part?
thank you all in advance.
thanks this forum. This forum is awesome.