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Thread: Mating (super) tweeter to LE85A

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    Mating (super) tweeter to LE85A

    Hi guys, I am a little confused by numbers. I am trying to mate a tweeter to my system, which currently uses only a LE85A with an hypex circular horn. I have a couple of options but would like to try to match efficiencies as closely as possible, but I am at loss figuring the efficiency of the LE85A, the specs on JBL spec sheets give such high number.... I thought it was given at 108dB??

    What efficiency spec should I aim for a tweeter to be in right range? 106, higher?

    Sound like a dumb question, but I would appreciate your help (not for nothing that I am junior member only!)

    Thanks all

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    Typically you would pad down the LE85 with either fixed resistors or an L-pad. The tweeter you use is very likely going to be less efficient than the LE85 so you might plan on using an L-pad first and then if you want you can replace it with a fixed resistor pad. I would use the 16 ohm 100 watt pad that Parts Express sells. (Even if you have the newer LE85s that say 8ohms on them)


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