recently I revamped my old stereo setup by adding a magnificent J.A. Michell Gyrodec turntable and a same magnificent Audio Research SP9 preamp, I took dust off the 4311B I bought when I was a teen and, don't know if it's just an illusion or what they seem to "sound" now rather than to make just bum bum, no, for sure it's not the turntable (which is still to find a spot where to be parked but it's so beautiful that I enjoy just staring at it), maybe the SP9 brought something new (before there was a tiny Adcom GFP 345) but I am so excited, turned the speakers upside down and put them on a couple books to lift them off the ground like 4 inches whilst waiting to give them a couple of stands to raise them somewhere between 16-20" as to have the mid and tweeter at ear level when sitting on the sofa.

Now, distance between speakers is about 5', height as above, 4" off the ground, slightly pointing towards the listening spot, music is digital, I have to say that when I compared some FLAC music to MP3 it felt like a completely different and much better thing, issue is that of course the sound stage is not the best because of low position of the speakers, the voices seem to come from the right position but way too low and all the instruments are confined between the speakers and not wider than that, maybe I expect too much from the kind of speaker and their use destination and also from their $$$ class, I was at a friend's who has way higher end than my vintage stuff, Sonus Faber on dedicated stands bi amped with two couples of mono amps, dedicated cables bla bla bla, well, the soundstage was impressive, the front was behind the speakers (in my case it's in front but he has more gap between the speakers and the rear wall) and the width is way wider than the speakers, bass is not as deep as the JBL but mid-highs are more, how to say, clear, crystal clear, maybe mine will sound better once raised and for sure I don't expect them to sound like a 3-4K dollar/euro speakers but I would like to reasonably know what to expect once I fine tune the position, arrange power cables, signal cables...

Thank you for your attention