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Thread: Any Idea What Pro-Series drivers these are?

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    Any Idea What Pro-Series drivers these are?

    Check out the stage monitors, especially around the 4:00 mark. Look like D130 and LE175DLH, but would anyone (but me) have used such a combination professionally in such an application?

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    That combination was quite common for foldback in the '70's and '80's. Judging by the silver ring on the HF driver I would say the are 2301's.


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    Used many configuratons of monitors

    My favorite monitor was D or K or E 130s with a simple bullet tweet.

    There were times when a dual twelve K or E 120 and 2370/2425 type horn was better for acoustic performers.

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    A club here still has dual E120 with 2402 bullets for monitors.

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