Anyone around here know, or tinker with, old electric organs?

We've got a pair of Jensen 12" and a pair of Magnavox 15", from IIRC, a Baldwin electric organ from the '50s... field-coil magnet drivers, except one of the 12", which appears to be an OEM replacement with a permanent (appears to be alnico) magnet. All the drivers work, except one 15" which has an open field coil (probably needs to be rewound, appears to be broken windings).

What I'd really like to do, is find someone who can actually USE these things. We got them for cheap; if anyone wants them, we'll let them go for $25 each for the working ones plus shipping; if someone buys the 3 working ones, we'll throw in the 15" with the bad coil for free. They're just in the way here- they need to be actually MAKING MUSIC somewhere...

Anyone needs more info or whatnot, pls email...