Hi all

I've been running my L65As with a Bryston 2BSST power amp, which somehow feels emotionally wrong. Don't get me wrong, the combo sounds great, but part of me knows that they don't look right together and the Jubals should really be working alongside a classic amp from the same era.

So this has led me to investigate the classic Luxman amps from the mid-70s, which I've always loved the look of. There are a couple near me, an L-80v and, costing a little more, an L-100. They both look beautiful!

I'm not sure about the Jubals' sensitivity - the archive here says 78dB, but that's at 15 feet. Elsewhere I've seen 89dB which seems about right. So I don't know if the L-100's extra power is necessary. Sources would be streaming from a nearby computer and, down the line, a similar era turntable. This is for my second system, in the living room. My main system in the music room runs active ATCs, so very different...

So I suppose what I'm asking is:
Does anyone have any experience with 70s Luxman amps in general, and these models in particular, with 70s JBL speakers in general, and L65s in particular?

Help me scratch this itch...