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Thread: New Crown CDI DriveCore amps

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    New Crown CDI DriveCore amps

    New series from Crown:

    Looks like a "cheap" version of the DCi's. They have BLU-link as well, which I think is really good news!

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    Crown cdi drivecore 4 300

    I just bought one... indeed it is presented as "cost effective", BUT I got the 4 300 model which mean I can have:
    - 2 times 300 W
    - 2 times 600 W
    - or 4 times 300 W for either simple bi amping or using audio architect for room correction / room curve, or full active crossover which is nice for my 4430 that finally got the power they were begging for all these years...I am just reading a lot about audio architect for now and doing the burn in... also they are three gains, 24, 27 and 34dB, and a nice attenuator.... my computer and the unit found themselves in an eye blinck and i have to confess it is funny to change the sound of the speakers in wifi...
    It is my first experience with drivecore units and i am not desapointed at all... My bet was that what I will loose in "musicality" I will gain in accuracy....medium and highs are soft though , it is (very) detailled but sweet overall.... Bass are not properly set yet cause I havent tried the DSP (I have no time at the moment), so I will wait proper tuning to judge but shure the 2235 are liking the 300 W they got now.... I had it for 1700 € and maybe i am one of the first in France to get it

    Fan noise is accepatable , at least for me, don t know if I can switch it of considering that I am under using it in ; allthought my preamp a Bryston BP17 is outputing 8 V for a 1V input, so probably something like more than 16 V because my DAC is outputing 2.3 V, the Crown just seems to be tickled by it....

    Finally they made a cost effective unit, not madly powerfull, but still not a D150, with a fine DSP in it ....

    Also I noticed that the 4430 were very pleased to be treated as studio monitors , having a pro amp, clear, detailled, neutral, and powerfull behing their back.

    Once implemented, the biamping, active crossover, will make like an M2 Crown I Tech system of the poor !

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