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Thread: Why is 4 Way design dead?

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    JBL seems began midcone with horn's combo from 4340,4340/4341/4343/4343B/4344/4344MKII/4345/4350/4350A/4350B/4355/4348,2121/2121/2121/2121H/2122H/2123H/2122H/2202A/2202A/2202H/2202H/2251J
    any idea?
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    Now a days components are so much better, higher power, more linear and constant quality, even 2-way designs are superior now a days as long as designer remember to look out crossover area dispersion match in that frequency for both drivers and timing is corrected.... and add FIR filter (if latency is not an issue, like in videos / movies... you loose "lip sync") and that's it.

    -jaska (1st time influenced by Altec professional loudspeakers 1979)

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