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Thread: Measuring data for D2 (2430k) on M2 waveguide wanted

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    That last letter usually indicates the impedance.

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    My guess would be that they are the same driver, but the -H has its voice coils connected in parallel instead of in series as used in M2. Parallel connections of the coils would give ~8 ohm impedance, or -H as JBL likes to call it

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    That appears to be the consensus in at least one other identical post he made about it:

    Quote Originally Posted by pos View Post
    My guess is that these are the same drivers, but wired differently: D2430K as used in the M2 and VTX F12 have their two 10/16 ohm diaphragms wired in series for 20/32 ohm load (hence the letter K, as it seem they skipped letter I and went directly to J for 16 ohm for some strange reasons), whereas the D2430H as found in the VTX M20 would be a 5/8 ohm version with the two 10/16 ohm diaphragms wired in parallel (hence the letter H) for increased sensitivity.
    If that is the case going from one to the other would just be a matter of using a different wiring schema, and I'd bet the D2430H has a D2430K foilcal.

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    D2 & M2 with passive network

    Quote Originally Posted by zeljkor View Post
    today I have measured my D2 on M2 horn. Serial capacitor of 47uF was added since I do not want to test my luck with DC component. Calibrated B&K mic was used.

    Hi Zeljko,

    It seems to that , even passive network can be applied to Your D2&M2 combo, using RLC network with Q ( =XL/R) about 0.5 with resonant frequency fo=3.6kHz, reducing sound level about 10dB on that frequency, so "only" proper serial resistor has to be calculated.


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