I will probably join the Urban Workshop this/next week and will have access to a Professional 3-D printer in ABS plastic. I've been learning CAD using DesignSpark and have some ideas for use with JBL products in mind.

I've already designed a set of tweeter stands and am working on a "slant plate" assembly for use with the 075/2402. 3D printing lets me create and test ideas that JBL could never have dreamed of with their technology of the time. And, with a couple keystrokes, we can change things such as the curvature of the slant plate and print a new set. This shows the slant plate and there will be an assembly that goes around the 075/2402 to mount it in front of the tweeter/baffle board (hence the rear cut-out that considers that the tweeter typically stands 1/4" out from the baffle board).

Anyway, this post is a request for a 2402/075 for disassembly and measurement. The unit doesn't need to work nor be in good condition so long as it is not dented or bent in any way. I may also try to cast the phase plug in clear acrylic tapped for the screw. (Why should 077s get all the ooohs and aaahs? How cool would that be???) I could also do this with the 2405 phase plug if someone has one "lying around" and of course they would get a pair and return of their plug if they wanted it back.

In exchange, I'll print you out a pair of stands, the slant plate assemblies, or what ever else I come up with, your choice.