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Thread: T030 Vs 093ti

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    T030 Vs 093ti

    I saw on ebay some t030 midrange driver on sale
    are they the same as 093 ti ?
    if yes can I substitute to a 104H driver ???? or what kind of problem should I get ? I saw some issue on jbl with a 250 Ti looks like and 093ti midrange ...

    Still on my diy project !


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    Hi Gerard

    if yes can I substitute to a 104H driver ????
    You can use either the T030 or 093ti in your custom 250 project . It will be somewhat closer to the XPL 250 prototype in makeup. The thread also has some necessary crossover info in it . Here's some useful banter on the 104H amongst other related topics on the 250ti .

    or what kind of problem should I get ? I saw some issue on jbl with a 250 Ti looks like and 093ti midrange ...
    You'll need to alter some crossover values to make it "fit" into the existing electrical network . See my above comments. The XPL200 model is a 4way design that used the 093ti. It's crossover schematic is posted here = XPL200a schematic in an XPL200 thread . There's lots of good info on the "spacing" of the components in the thread. Don C. made a very useful review of his recently acquired XPL200(s) here .

    If you go this route you'll need to look at the AC impedance plots of the 093ti & 046ti that Giskard so kindly posted (to an inquiry made by myself ) more than a year ago .

    - Notice also , that I posted then current prices for the just made avalable, PT600. The PT600 is part of the Performance Series and has all titanium domed drivers ( exluding the 14" le14h-3 ). At the time, the PT800 had no component parts available for separate purchase .

    - Now here's a current costing of the PT800 components. Notice that there has been an approx. price increase of 15% over the 1 year duration between my postings.

    - Personally, I would design my custom 4-way project with some / most / or all of these available components. These are SOTA ( State Of The Art ) JBL transducers that deserve good project homes . The pricing is extremely good . The rubber-dampened surrounds ( on the titanium dome ) make these an immediate consideration in my books . Crossover info is, of course, avalable .

    regards <. Earl K

    p.s. I wouldn't just limit the design options of your 4-way project - by only including parts available through eBay . Contact your Europeon-based Harman distributor for some current JBL parts pricing . If they ignore you or give you non-competitive pricing - then there's likely someone in North America who'd be happy to make a sale ( though I don't include myself in that group ).
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