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Thread: Another Convert to the Lansing Legacy

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    Another Convert to the Lansing Legacy

    Yesterday, I had an unexpected visit from a longtime friend that has been living out on the west coast for a number of years. He has always been intersted in my Dalhquist DQ10's and told me to keep him in mind if I ever sold them. With my recent acquisition of the Altec Model 19's, it was time to let them go. I told him that if he could arrange transportation, I would sell them to him. There was no rush and I was willing to wait months if need be.

    It wasn't the best of circumstances, but the funeral of a former neighbour brought him into town this week for the first time in nearly a decade. He drove in and asked if now would be a good time to buy the DQ10's since he could transport them back on his own. We had a good social visit at my place last night, during which time the Altecs were constantly playing in the background. He admitted that they sounded quite good, but we didn't spend much time talking audio. Before he left, he made arrangements to come back this evening and load up the Dahlquists.

    We just finished doing that, but before he was on his way, I told him there was one little thing left to do. I had him sit down in front of the Altecs, queued up the drum intro to Tears for Fears Badman's Song and told him "This is what the Dalhquists will never do". For the next minute I watched as a slightly upturned mouth grew to an ear to ear grin. He made an offer on the Altec's on the spot. I told him that another friend has first dibs on them once Project May shows up. He said he'd trump his price by $200 right now. I convinced him that they would not be available for a few months and that I had to honour the first opportunity to my other friend. He didn't leave before I committed that he would have second dibs should my other friend decline.

    Don McRitchie

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    Nice story Don. Something about those ear to ear grins. Once you hear them and get that grin they are hard to walk away from.


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    Steve Gonzales

    trust your own ears!

    This is a perfect example of my Mantra. I have many friends ask me about what this spec or that spec means or tell me "I heard/read about this speaker and the salesman said... Very nice story and further proof of the fact that your ears will never lie for a petty commission! thank you for sharing that Don.

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    Whew! That was close!

    But I think he might have moved in were there a pair of L1 's at stake...

    "Indeed, not!!"

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