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Thread: Altec 9872-8F

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    Altec 9872-8F

    Please advise as for their suitability for music/audio (hi-fi) use or anything else pertinent

    Is their build quality good? Driver compliment (besides being a 2-way) That sort of thing

    Have started looking through the library but was interrupted, nothing so far

    Also, what years were they built and do they hold up well?

    Any and all insight would be well received

    Thank you


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    Found the following:

    - MR 931-12 Mantaray horn

    902-8B HF driver

    12" ER 12 Woofer

    after EV's takeover, they used an EV woofer

    - Jerry Hubbard design

    Source: Todd White


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    As you can see its in the 1989 pro catalogue.

    Primary function compare sound reinforcement.

    By design not suitable for home HIFI but might do as loudspeaker in your shed.

    Best you contact Todd White directly for acurate responses to your other questions

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