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Thread: Can anyone identify these horns?

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    Can anyone identify these horns?

    Hi All,

    Picked up 8 of these horns at an auction. Can anyone tell me what they are? There are no markings. They are 6.5" tall, 12" wide, and 9" deep. The throat is about 1.5" and there are 4 mounting holes on a 3.25" diameter circle.

    Any pointers appreciated!
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    Jbl 2334 from array series ?

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    At first I thought 2309 but these have roundings on the sides on the inside.
    These indeed look like 2334's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by herve M View Post
    I have searched on the array series. This looks like fun stuff to experiment with. I have some trapezoidal cabinets I could use to experiment. I also have some active Rane crossovers I could use. I have been interested in arrays since I took my daughter to a Replacements concert last year at the Masonic in San Francisco. We didn't have great seats to see the show. But we had fantastic seats to contemplate the linear array.

    I looked at Parts Express to see if I could find some affordable drivers to experiment with. But everything seemed pretty expensive in 1.5". Does anyone have any suggestions for what to look for? I am thinking that this is only interesting to play with if I really want to try an array? I presume there is no reason to work with a 45 degree horn for an ordinary pair of speakers?

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