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Thread: How Did You Find This Site?

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    Webmaster Don McRitchie's Avatar
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    How Did You Find This Site?

    The thread about how members found out about JBLpro reminded me of a similar question that I have been curious about for some time. How did you first find out about the Lansing Heritage site and this forum? I'm guessing that for most it was a Google or similar search. However, I know that if you enter the most common search terms relevant to this site (JBL or Altec Lansing) you will find us buried quite a few pages deep in their search results. I'm guessing that it would have been a more specific search that led you to us and I'm curious what that may have been. I would also like to hear if you found out about us through other means (links from other sites, references in other forums or even the few print references we have had).

    Don McRitchie

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    I was in contact with a guy from the DIY subwoofer forum about cabinet specs for a 2245H when he mentioned this place - 'new to me. My first post here was looking for advice on a bass guitar combo using the 2245H, and shortly thereafter info on the Sub1500 came up, after which I purchased three, one of which I now use for bass guitar instead of the 2245H. Once here, I was hooked - I had no idea there were others as crazy as me about JBL stuff...


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    It was Google, and I no doubt found it buried many pages down, or a reference to it, looking for JBL. I believe you said the site first went up in May, 2000. I was a member of the first forum, asking if you thought it appropriate for parts "Scroungers" to post there.

    You said, "Yes, good idea!"

    Do you still have an original forum archive? Just for fun, when was that post?

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    I think that the first time that I visited, it may have been a link from an eBay auction.

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    Good Question

    The problem is, I realize that I have no idea what the answer actually is/was . Oh Oh, MadCow !

    <. Earl K

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    Wow I remember posting in the first forum too. I think there were like 10 or 20 posts!! when I stumbled in. This is what the 4th forum?? Look how much it has grown!!! My first posts were about upgrades and cabinets. Think it was a link out from AA that first got me here. Long time ago not to sure now!


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    I remember using the search feature of the now defunct DC free internet in June of 2000.I was looking for JBL stuff for sale other than the eBay way.After pawing thru 20 pages or so this site revealed itself.

    Been on my favorites list ever since.I guess I was in the first 50 or so people to register at the time.

    All of the old forums have great info in them.Including the secret identity of the "G" man.


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    Thumbs up Google

    I had once typed in and came across that site, that was around 2000, I was looking for parts for my altec woofers!

    Then I had done a search on Google for vintage JBL cabinets and speakers, and there you were,!

    I remember the original forum, was like all the forums of the time, basic, BUT, this site had and still has, the most comprehensive collection of literature, specs, and pictures of old Altec, and JBL, as well as modern Altec, whatever they made into the 90,s, and current JBL! I had always heard of JBL actually being one of the first, if not the first, to make and use huge folded horn bass systems but had never seen them, and then this site had all the info on Shearer horns, very much like the 70,s and 80,s bass horns Richard Long had made!

    The original forum was good, people talking about older JBL and Altec, a sound of an era gone!

    Then the forum changed format, and to me, this is when it really took off! There are many fantastic minds, with extensive knowledge, and technical know how right here, this forum has grown, and matured quite a bit!

    Because of this forum, many people know about traditional JBL, that otherwise never would have, and I`m sure companies would have preferred they didnt, but, oh well. We also drove the Ebay prices through the roof, too!

    I found this through Google, and the literature was the absolute best!

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    Steve Gonzales

    Google to Thank

    My wife had been constantly asking me to get her a computer not so long ago, when we finally did, I didn't really get "into it" for a couple months when she showed me the Google feature and the first thing I did was put in L166 (my first pair). Best thing that has happened to me in a while!. I still didn't even know enough to explore the entire site, so when I finally got comfortable surfing, I looked at the discussion forum. This may sound cheesy but after having virtually NO ONE to talk about JBL (my passion for 30years!) with, when I finally did read all the wonderful things offered from the WORLD'S GREATEST SITE, I almost shead a tear (okay,one ). To have this forum is SO COOL!!!. Again, my frustration for so many years was the complete and utter LACK of an outlet for this passion for all things JBL. You can ask ANYONE I've known for the last 30 years to sum up what they think is Steve's passion and without fail, they will say those three little letters-JBL. Thank you Don for your dedication and wisdom and I look forward to many years of enjoyment. Happy Holidays to ALL!, sincerely, Steve G

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    Administrator Mr. Widget's Avatar
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    Thank you Google!


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    Senior Member paragon's Avatar
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    May 2004


    By Harman Deutschland.


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    Senior Member louped garouv's Avatar
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    formerly "the city where imagination takes precedence over fact"

    got a reference

    while searching for info on my ALTEC 19s on

    think the post came from scotty or PBSound

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    Senior Member Steve Schell's Avatar
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    Hi Don, I found out about this site after a crazy guy in Maui named Steve Lewis told me about this guy in Winnipeg who was into JBL and had lots of literature and we all got together and decided to put up this web site to explore Jim Lansing's legacy and publish all the literature we could get our hands on and you visited L.A. three times so we could interview all the current and former JBL and Altec people we could find and you wrote to inform me that the site was up in prototype form and we launched it officially on, what was it, May 25, 2000?

    Congratulations Don, for taking the ball and running with it and building one of the best damn enthusiast sites and discussion forums on the www!

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    Steve Gonzales

    I second that emotion !

    I love this stuff!! KUDOS to all the people whose insight , passion and dedication to excellence have given all us JBL "nuts" a place to gather and enjoy!

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    I saw 2x 2405, 2x 2420/2307/2308 and 2x 3143 networks all in perfect condition on german ebay for 400 Euro (was 400 USD then) and grabbed them instantly without knowing exactly what I'm doing.

    Thanks to google I found this site and than I learned what I have done. It was the deal of my life

    The following week I grabbed 2x 4343 cabs from german ebay. Sometimes you have that luck

    Then I started to hunt 2x 2235 and 2x 2121 like a crazy one.

    2235s was hard to get but 2121 was a nightmare. Thanks to Giskard my 4343s are finished since summer this year

    So thats the story...
    BLS Reference on Passlabs XA 30.5 + Everest DD66000 clone on Pass XA 100.5

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