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I'll put this little find in perspective. Sometime during 1988 I went to my first Hi-Fi show at a place called Last Drop Village near Bolton, UK. I saw many fine speakers all of which have faded into memory, apart from a Linn turntable and this one pair of speakers that quite literally stopped me in my tracks. I was walking across the show floor and as I reached the on-axis point, my jaw dropped and I turned to see what was playing.
It was Willy DeVille playing Angel Baby on it might have been a Linn LP-12 through some very tall Mission speakers. Turns out they were the 767 model with an active separate bass/amplifier speakers - Cyrus LFA unit (sounds like the BX63). I'd never heard anything quite like them.

Fast forward today and my latest flea-bay find. One speaker needs some crossover repairs - drive units are all fine. The LFA unit (supplied) also needs some work. There's some veneer chipping on one of the speakers and some fading. None of which is particularly daunting, but to say I'm 'stoked' is something of an understatement

They are not light speakers - 190 pound each.

Specs are pretty good.

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