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Thread: Analogue or Digital

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    Just a couple of observations.

    The ADC’s today are so good so you won’t lose much there compared to the advantage to be able to correct frequency response, phase and timing. One needs to pick the battles.

    If you decide to go the BSS route the London Soundweb units can be equipped with digital input and digital output to allow use of your favourite DAC’s. They can do balanced (or single end) SPDIF and AES in and out.

    Regarding clocking I wrote some thoughts here.

    and here

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Ketley View Post
    exaSound e28 Multichannel USB DAC.

    Has anyone tried one of these in a 4 way active system?

    Hi Dave,
    I started my system with the Exasound e28 and moved eventually to the e38 (using the Sabre 9028). My adc part is done with the Motu 828x using Thunderbolt connection.
    Bottom line, I am very happy with the quality of this DAC.

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    I personally would choose one for pro studio use that also includes ADC.

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