Dear All,

I am new in this forum and first off all I would like to thank you all for your passion in JBL vintage speakers. I believe they are outstanding. I am currently building a 4346 JBL with the following speakers:
LF 2235H (reconed on a E140 basket with a mass ring of 51 grams)
MF 2123H
HF 2425J with 2307 horn dyi
UHF 2405

Considering the above, I have the following pleas to you guys:
1. How can I integrate the 2123H speaker in this build? I want to use the CC crossover scheme provided by Mr. Giskard here
I will not bi-amp!
2. Does anyone have all the specs of the 2307 horn. I want to machine a pair. I mean every dimension... including the arches. Sadly I don't have an original so I can make a mold after the horn.

Thank you so much for your input.