Hi everybody,
my first post here, I am 47 and still own the hi-fi components I bought when I was a teen with the first money I earned during my summer job, I bought a Technics direct drive turntable (I wish I was wiser...), a Sansui AU-D7 integrated amp and the JBL 4311B, now I use the speakers with a pre-power amp from Adcom almost as old as the JBL, a Sony ES series CD player and other sources like a PS3 which works as a DVD/BR player, a sat tuner and an Apple TV3, someday will get a pre-processor so I can hook up all the HDMI sources and arrange a small HT but let's go back to speakers.

I still have and love the 4311 but a friend is going to sell his passed away dad stuff among which some L220 (too big for me and too expensive), Martin Logan Sequel (nice but too big and afraid of panel usage), some nice AR pre (LS9 and LS12), some more electronics, a wonderful turntable I laid my eyes on (Mitchell Gyrodec) and a couple of JBL L100 Century, they are almost perfect, the owner changed the foam around the tweeters, cabinet is mint and price is affordable, I don't need them and have no room but I love JBL and wondering how they sound compared to my 4311B, any noticeable difference?

Thank you for reading and for your hints