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I wouldn't buy the Eminence networks . There's no telling how they will interact with your Altec components .

All-n-all, I believe you are best to buy ( via eBay ) a pair of N501-8a's ( if the lower x-over point is where you want to start ) or N801 or N809's ( for the higher 800hz point ) and then add the mid-range suppression circuitry ( 30903/4 ).

The two models seem to average $100.00 a piece ( judging from past sales ) . If they don't happen to work with your components they can at least be easily tossed back on the Bay to recapture most of your investment.

Making your own is slightly more affordable ( at around $80. to 90. ea ) using components from Parts Express .
- Also, ( fwiw ) the values I posted don't really come with a guaranteed certificate of provenance / though these questions of the accuracy of the LC values, could ( & should ) be researched .
- Here's one older thread that's quite interesting
- And Another !

+1 on building an 800hz variant with a mid range suppresser. I can't find the post, but I remember Mr. Widget posted a 500hz horn is really a 800-1000hz horn and 800hz is really a 1200hz horn. This is evident when looking at the model 19 crossover's 1200hz. I built a project similar to this about 13 years ago. Good luck