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Thread: Question on the "double scoop" short throw horn.

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    i am dating myself here but, then again i'm a dinosaur. going back to the late 70's we used to use the scoop (lot's of them) mainly because choices were limited and they were the suggested mate for the 4560.
    for P.A. we complained that there was no throw until someone decided that laying them on their sides in pairs end to end with the woofers alinged together and the scoop ends opposite formed a perfect folded horn with drivers coupled. we would mount 8 singles per side, (4 high sideways) TALK ABOUT PUNCH AND THROW!

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    4550 ???

    There's a double scoop short throw horn with two 15's that are NOT mounted on the same plane. Think it's a 4550 ?? They are mounted on a front panel that's in a "v" shape - so that the 15's are firing off at slightly different angles.

    How does that cabinet compare to the one with two 15's mounted on the same plane?



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