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Thread: DVD Player Recommendation

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    DVD Player Recommendation

    Looking for recommendations re a used single play DVD player? Will be useing it for watching movies and "concert" dvds in two way JBL system. Present dvd player is a low end model. I have a decent cd player that I'm very happy with. "Older" high quality model would be prefered as long as it has competent progressive scan, good audio and optical audio output. Don't want to sink a fortune into a new dvd player at this point.

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    The price of DVD players seem to keep dropping. The first one I bought was $350 off the internet. The list was $500~600. It was one of the first to have dts out, put didn't have Componet video.
    The one I just bought, LG 3510A, was only $399. But it is also a HD receiver, has componet out, DVI, dts and will upconvert DVD video. I went with this to eliminate one box. I have only two componet inputs on the HDTV, but needed three, now I only need two.
    I even saw a Pioneer in Costco that had dvd-audio that was part of a complete system at $399. That was for dvd,receiver, speakers.
    Of coarse there are many high priced units in the $3500~5000 but are also dvd-audio/sacd.
    So I don't know that buying an older one is really a bargain, unless its really high end for only a couple hundred bucks.

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    DVD Player

    One of the DVD players I keep coming back to is the Denon DVD 1600. Seems to have gotten a lot of praise from owners/reviewers. Originally listed for $600 and can be found used $200 to $250.

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